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A Positive Vision for the future


Thanks for visiting my web site. Iím running for re-election to the Palo Alto City Council this November. I will bring my experience as an economist and long-range planner to the range of issues that continue to challenge the city we love. During my service on the Council and as Chair of both the Finance and Housing Mandate Committees, Iíve worked for balanced budgets, new libraries, increased investment in our infrastructure, new parklands, and cooperative action with the School District at the Cubberley site. My commitment to Palo Alto as a community for families has not diminished since my prior service on the School Board. But there are critical choices that we must face in coming years:

Palo Alto Must Push Back on the State Housing Mandates

ABAG is demanding that the City zone for housing for 18,000 new residents. As Chair of the Councilís Housing Mandate Committee, I wrote a white paper that challenged ABAGís demographic projections. This challenge has been picked up by civic leaders throughout the Bay Area. The livability of our community (housing density, traffic, retail services, and schools) depends upon leadership on this issue.

Changes Should Enhance Livability

One of the critical functions of the Council is to ensure the future quality of life in our community. I believe that open and transparent public processes produce better results. New development whether it is in the Downtown, in the California Avenue area, or in the neighborhoods should incorporate the characteristics that reaffirm Palo Alto as a community that respects its residents as well as economic growth. I support a Cubberley process that identifies and fulfills the longer term needs of both the students in our school district and the residents of our City.

Fiscal Responsibility Makes a Sound Future

Like cities and governments across the nation, Palo Alto faces a budget crisis. In my years on the Finance Committee, Iíve worked to balance our budgets during years of lower revenue growth. Iíve initiated a general review of sustainable pension and health benefits for city employees. Iíve supported fiscally sound improvements to the Cityís infrastructure and welcomed businesses that will provide jobs, grow the revenue base and help Palo Alto to build a solid financial future.

My campaign for City Council depends on contributions from supporters like you. Please get involved or make a donation.


Greg brings a lot to the job. He has a BA from Yale and a PhD from Columbia in Economics. He ran a research group with the Federal Reserve and worked for thirty years doing economic forecasting and long-range planning for corporations and governments. He has published two books (one on health care and one on planning), numerous articles (in journals like the Harvard Business Review and Foreign Policy). He was the Treasurer of a not for profit research group for 25 years and never failed to balance the budget. He has served for four years on the Palo Alto School Board and five years on the City Council. A long time resident of Palo Alto, he enjoys family moments with his grandchildren.